We must act now to create a culture of entrepreneurship in Europe,say politicians.

In response to challenging economic conditions, politicians this week proposed to take action in helping to create an environment across Europe where entrepreneurs can flourish. At a meeting held in Sweden last week as part of the ENSPIRE EU project, politicians, government officers and entrepreneurs from around Europe supported the view that policies needed to be more focused on supporting and creating a entrepreneurial culture, and that work should begin with immediate effect.

Lasse Krull, Alternate of the Committee of the Regions & Chairman of the Committee for Regional Development, South Denmark said, “It is clear that to grow Europe’s economy,  steps need to be taken to focus all our efforts on creating an environment that helps even more Europeans think in an entrepreneurial way. We can do this by continuing to work hard to develop a policy framework that encourages self-employment, but also one that helps to develop a entrepreneurial culture”.

Mr Lasse Krull

The ENSPIRE EU project has at its heart the need to establish why Europeans are less likely to become self-employed than their peers in America, and some other nationalities. The focus of the ENSPIRE EU project is to identify and develop measures that will change the situation, with a particular emphasis on young people, the long term unemployed and those who are disabled. The long term aim of the European Union is to support the growth and survival of new businesses, to ensure its economy remains competitive.  Information from the day including a strategic policy framework proposal and policy recommendations can be found at www.enspire.eu