Update on pilot activities taking place in Poland

Lubuskie Region is one of the three partners of ENSPIRE EU project implementing so called “pilot activities”. Pilot activities consist of testing transferability of the initiatives supporting and promoting entrepreneurial mindset, which are implemented successfully in more developed European regions, into different social, economic and cultural conditions.

Pilot activities prepared by Marshal Office of Lubuskie Region in cooperation with the “Entrepreneurship” Foundation in Żary are based on ENSPIRE EU good and best practices from Sweden and Denmark dealing with entrepreneurial mindset trough the educational process.
The reason to choose the educational initiatives was their character of acting for the development of entrepreneurial mindset among children and youth not to let them become “3 DIS’s”. As there is lack of educational initiatives in Lubuskie Region that are dealing with developing entrepreneurial mindset and attitude in a horizontal wa, the initiatives visited in Halland and Vejle during the Twinning Visits can inspire schools in Lubuskie with new entrepreneurial ideas. Combination of key elements of initiatives “Innocamp”, “Edison Project”, “Growth”  and “Entrepreneurial Halland” allow to adapt them better to Polish conditions such as for example school system, teachers training, cooperation between schools and business and social responsibility of the local and regional companies.

First part of Lubuskie Pilot Activities, a workshop for teachers and entrepreneurs from Żary County took part the 22nd November 2012 in Żary. Two invited experts Sine Bjerre Martinussen from UU Vejle and Jonaz Björk from Region Halland shared their knowledge about developing entrepreneurial mindset among children and youngsters trough different kind of school activities, “learning by doing” and use of entrepreneurial teaching methods. Workshop’s participants had the possibility to learn more about inspiring their pupils with creativity, open-mind thinking but also finding solutions for different kind of challenges. Moreover, Danish expert presented the idea of “Edison project”, which served as a basis for the second part of Lubuskie Pilot Activities: “Competition of Entrepreneurship and Creativity”. 

“Competition of Entrepreneurship and Creativity” is targeting high-school pupils from Żary County.  The challenge is to prepare in teams innovative and creative solutions for real problems presented by local companies and institutions: How make the offer of the city’s sport areas and facilities more attractive for citizens? How to motivate the staff of the local company to develop their skills? How to encouraged pupils and students to switch to healthy food? After two weeks of preparation and idea development with the support from the teachers, young people will present their ideas to the jury composed by representatives of the companies, Marshal Office and “Entrepreneurship” Foundation during the  final event on 14th December. Three teams that will present three best ideas shall be awarded with a prize sponsored by local companies involved in the pilot activities.

More information about Lubuskie Pilot Activities (Polish version):