Twinning Visits: Representatives from Lubuskie travel to Sweden & Denmark

Mr Sebastian Bortnik, President of the “Entrepreneurship Foundation” in Żary took part in the twinning visit to Swedish Halland (in December 2011) as an external expert of the Lubuskie Region. He had opportunity to get to know with three initiatives: “Growth”, “Entrepreneurial Halland” and “Entris 2.0”. He returned from the visit full of new impressions and ideas.

“During the visit in Halland was presented “the key” to both innovation and promotion entrepreneurship in the most important aspect of its development: personal characteristics that determine the success in a constantly changing economy. Swedes in their programs attach great importance to cultivate and develop skills that are natural for us in the early stages of development and then are lost in the process of acquiring knowledge because of the teaching model adopted in many school systems. I think about a willingness to work, learn and solve problems in children`s own unique way. Therefore, it is extremely important that teachers are also trained in their teaching skills and are providing with appropriate tools. Unfortunately I wasn`t informed on next part of the support system of entrepreneurship (especially in terms of substantive, technical and financial assistance) directed to adult willing to start-up (own business). But this factor isn`t any obstacle to prepare and realize an initiative to increase entrepreneurial skills among high school students. Entrepreneurship Foundation is ready to do this with local authorities and schools” - said Sebastian Bortnik. 


Positive opinion on developing entrepreneurial mindset had also Aleksandra Palka, a secondary school teacher and participant of the visits in Denmark (March 2012).

“In point of view of Polish school Danish projects (Project Edison and Inno Camp) are possible to introduce in our school system. At first teachers should be trained, directors and other decision-makers should permit on such initiative(s). Pupils can display knowledge and abilities; valuable prizes for winners are also very motivating for pupils ... . The only troublesome matters could be with finding firms / entrepreneurs/ that are interested in co-operation with schools” – said Mrs Aleksandra Palka.