Twinning Visit: Romania acquires best practices from Denmark


What better time to set up an exchange visit than during the 2011 Global Entrepreneurship Week (14th–20th November) when the entire region of Southern Denmark is buzzing with entrepreneurial projects, initiatives and spirit.

Two Romanian School directors, Daniela Deac, Director of Baritiu National College and Ambrozie Chis, Director of Samus School Group of Arts and Trades, came to Denmark together with our Romanian Enspire EU partner, Ioana Dragos from North-West Regional Development Agency, to visit and learn from two of the best practices identified in the region of Southern Denmark. Vejle Business Development Agency had arranged two days of activities, ensuring that the visitors would leave the region with a better understanding of the Danish approach to entrepreneurship.

During the first day of the visit, the small delegation visited InnoCamp, which is a competition based project initiated by Fredericia Municipality in partnership with several schools. During three days, students work in teams across educational levels, to identify genuine solutions to real challenges faced by local businesses. The focus of the project is to bring together different educational institutions and the local business environment, in a project where creativity and entrepreneurship are the core. The two high school directors from Cluj had the opportunity to observe the event, grasp the methodology to set up such an event, talk to participating students and teachers and had a special meeting with Camp Manager, Thomas Rose from Fredericia Municipality.

“It is fantastic to experience the good atmosphere among the 500 participating young people, who at the same time are also very focused on their task” says Mrs. Daniela Deac.

The following day, the Romanian delegation met Muhsin Türkyilmaz who works with ethnic entrepreneurs at Vejle Business Development Agency. Muhsin has taken part in raising awareness of the challenges that ethnic entrepreneurs face when starting up a business in Denmark.

To finish off the visit, the delegation went to Odense to follow one of the largest events in Denmark during the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the 2011 Danish Entrepreneurship Award. The competition, hosted by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship, celebrates and awards innovative students across educational levels, and had 3500 participants during their event in November, emphasizing the importance of seeding business approach from early ages. 

Following the successful best practice visit, the two guests are planning to spread the word, to adopt and adapt the events in Romania, where the educational system has a great need to focus more on entrepreneurial awareness and case studies from an early age.