Twinning Visit: Czech Republic representatives visit "Salon des Entrepreneurs" in Paris

Twinning Visit: Czech Republic came to France For the «Salon des entrepreneurs » and the presentation of multiple initiatives.

Every year in France the “Salon des entrepreneurs” takes place in Paris. It is organized by the group “Les échos”. It brings together all the operators in entrepreneurship from Paris region in one place, and is one of the most well known events for entrepreneurs. In the Salon you can find everything about entrepreneurship, covering everything entrepreneurs need to know, from initiation and starting up to help with export and international promotion, and from social entrepreneurship to help for people from disadvantaged or disconnected communities.

salon des entrepreneurs

The first day of the visit was a visit to all of the “salon des entrepreneurs” where the team from Advancia gave a presentation to Martin and Katarina from Czech Republic about the varied nature of the operators that help the Enspire EU target populations.

For example,
• La fabrique
• L’APCE  (
• France active (
• L’ADIE (
• France initiative (
• Boutique de gestion ( )
• Réseau entreprendre (

There was also an opportunity for the guests from Czech Republic to take part in a conference about social entrepreneurship in France.

Salon Des Entrepreneurs 2

Salon Des Entrepreneurs 3

More information about the event is available on this website

On the second day Advancia invited 4 Parisien good practice operators to an exchange meeting with our Czech partner.
• Groupement de créateurs presented by America Ferragne
 ( Which you can find on enspire eu website here
• Créarif quartier presented by Jaaidane Jamila
 ( Which you can find on enspire eu website here
• The officer dedicated to raise awareness of entrepreneurship presented by Massasi Nadia
( Which you can find on enspire eu website here
• La Miel pesented by Saget Sylvie
(Which you can find on the website )