"Novancia aims to educate a new generation of managers possessing a dual competency in entrepreneurship and commerce, who will be experts in « business development ».

More than ever before, companies are placing commercial dynamics at the heart of their strategy. Commercial management is gaining in importance, but faced with a climate of uncertainty and profound change brought about by the arrival of the internet and e-commerce, they are adopting a more entrepreneurial stance, and re-thinking both their organisation and their concept of market territory.

They emphasize the need to instil in their staff both a daring and strategic attitude, as well as the capacity to create and seize opportunities and to manage projects on a global level over the long term.

The « business developer » embodies this hybrid profile companies are looking for, a valuable asset with commercial, managerial and entrepreneurial skills combined. He/she is able to anticipate demand and constantly adapt management and the commercial offer to the economic context accordingly. In an international context he/she identifies more accurately those emerging and innovative markets which call for creativity, reactivity, flexibility and risk-taking.

Consistent with the know-how gained from both Advancia and Negocia, Novancia, with its unique approach, aims to extend and develop both the commercial offer and corporate structural organisation on a global scale.

Anne Stéfanini
Executive Director, Novancia