Mads takes the helm on the ENSPIRE EU project

In early August, Frank Rosengreen Lorezen informed the ENSPIRE EU project partners that he was leaving the project, for a new job in Deloitte Consulting, which meant a return to his native Denmark. He said "As you know, I have been working on this project for over 2 years. I consider it my greatest achievement and I am very proud that the initial idea we’ve developed 2 years ago is now an up and running project.

The new project manager is my colleague and friend Mads Wojtynka. He is very experienced in the project management field and I am confident that he will be a fantastic project manager of the ENSPIRE project".

Mads has smoothly taken the helm of the project, overseeing the first round of reporting which seemed to pass off smoothly, though with a lot of hard work! The project partners have welcomed him and are looking forward to seeing him and each other at our next partner meeting in November.