About Enspire EU


The aims of ENSPIRE EU are to:
• Find and share programmes from across Europe that inspire people to become entrepreneurs
• Take the best programmes, understand why they are successful,  and transfer them to other EU regions
• Create a network of knowledge around Europe to encourage more effective programmes to be developed in the future.
• Change current and/or influence future policies
• To encourage more entrepreneurs & make the economies of the EU more competitive
www.enspire.eu will hold details of inspiring initiatives from all over Europe, that encourage or develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
The ENSPIRE EU project is seeking inform those professionals who commission entrepreneurial initiatives in their area, on how to inspire people from hard to reach communities to become entrepreneurs, specifically those people who are:

Disadvantaged: people without the same opportunities as the average European
Disconnected: people who are disconnected from the labour Market (long-term unemployed, people with a low education)
Discouraged: young people at secondary level of education discouraged with the education system
Inspiring and supporting people from hard to reach communities from across Europe to become self-employed will assist with their personal development, the development of their communities, and will ultimately help Europe’s economy become even more competitive.

Economic organisations and governments all across the EU are talking about the need to develop the EU into a strong 'entrepreneurial economy', since this is the key to Europe’s competitiveness. Much has been done on a regional, national and European level to support the development of an entrepreneurial economy. However the 2007 Eurobarometer Entrepreneurship Survey revealed that: 'The desire for Europeans to be self-employed is decreasing'.

At the time of the survey, there were good conditions for people looking to become an entrepreneur, with excellent support available. However the survey also shows that at the time, there was little desire to become an entrepreneur.  ENSPIRE EU will try and solve this paradox, by understanding what inspires a person to become an entrepreneur, and by transferring programmes that achieve this best into regions that need it most.

There are 12 partner regions, which you can see on the map on www.enspire.eu. Each partner has their own micro-site within www.enspire.eu, which contains case studies and information.
Each partner will map the programmes that are in existence in their region that specifically work with hard to reach groups to support them develop a business. In total the partners will map up to 53 examples of successful programmes. The results will then be shared in a number of ways, including on this website.
One of the aims of the ENSPIRE EU project is to make policy recommendations to regional, national and EU governments as a result of the project’s findings. An example could be putting a policy in place to allow the transfer of a successful programme from one region to another.

An ENSPIRE EU Network of professionals involved in the commissioning entrepreneurial initiatives to hard to reach groups, will continue into the future, probably using social networks.

 All the reports from the ENSPIRE EU project can be found here:

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