ENSPIRE EU showcased at European Open Days conference

Since 2003, Open Days has been a recurrent event, where regions and cities showcase their capacity for creating jobs, implementing policy and their importance for good European governance. The headline for this year’s Open Days was 'Investing in Europe’s future: Regions and cities delivering smart, sustainable and inclusive growth'.

110 workshops were held in which 5700 participants debated the three overall themes; Europe 2020, Better delivery and Geography matters. The Enspire EU project was promoted through one of these events called “Is there a future for multilevel cohesion policy?”. 

The Commission shows that EU’s cohesion policy has played an immense role in increasing growth and prosperity across the EU. However, it is seen that the EU has to rise to new challenges due to the resent economic development.

This event focused on concrete examples of business projects co-financed by the structural fund.Mr. Allan Nordby Ottesen, Project manager at the Enspire EU, gave a presentation of the project focusing on the work the project does and how the project tries to create this very intangible entrepreneurial mindset via some very concrete programmes from the different project partners. Furthermore, focus was on the Enspire EU network that is being created at the moment, which is to meet for the first time in November 2011.

After the presentation, there was a great interest in the network, focusing on both the members of the network, and how other organisations or regions could become a member as well. So overall, the workshop was seen as a great success for promoting the Enspire EU project.