ENSPIRE EU SEMINAR - 26th May 2011 Sevilla


The Chamber of Commerce of Seville hosted ENSPIRE EU’s 4th partner meeting and the European exchange camp from 25th – 27th May 2011 which enabled the partners to share and exchange good practice entrepreneurship initiatives from their countries.

On Thursday 26th May partners joined 100 stakeholders from across the Seville region for a conference during Entrepreneurship week.


Ms. Brigitte Degen from The European Commission, DG Employment,Social Affairs & Inclusion provided an overview of entrepreneurial policies in the EU before some presentations were heard from real entrepreneurs,  Ms. Balbina Cortijo of the Dideco toy and educational products shop in Seville and Mr. Jaime Giner’s electric services business.

The ENSPIRE EU partners were then invited to the stage to share good practices from their countries before discussing in focus groups which of these could be transferable between their countries.  The event highlighted a wealth of programmes operating in the partner regions and started to explore which ones may be beneficial if transferred to other areas of Europe.

A video of the conference can be viewed here, and local coverage by TV Giralda here

Brigitte Degen European Commission    here

Allan Nordby Ottesen, Project Manager     here

                           IFS Support, France     here

Jaime Giner     here

Hungary - CTRDA     here

Hampshire County Council     here

Manuel Moncayo     here

OPPE, France     here

Poland     here

Romania     here

Sweden (Halland)     here

Vejle, Denmark -Young Enterprise     here