ENSPIRE EU 2nd Network meeting provides excellent forum for ideas on entrepreneurship

On Wednesday the 18th April 2012, the Enspire EU Network held its second meeting with great success. Allan Norby Ottesen, Project leader of the ENSPIRE EU, kick started the day with a presentation of ENSPIRE EU reminding us all that ENSPIRE EU is both about social inclusion of the disadvantaged, discouraged and disconnected, and about creating economic growth through entrepreneurship in Europe. The partnership also presented their most recent activities, including several successful twinning visits carried out in order to support transfer of good practices among entrepreneurial inspiration activities. You can learn more about the good practices and the twinning visits on www.enspire.eu.

2nd network meeting 

Throughout the day, several inspiring people gave input to the network members on how to create successful entrepreneurship programmes to enhance entrepreneurial mindsets. Mr. Patrick Schneider from Land Brandenburg, winners of the European Entrepreneurial Region Award 2011, presented their experiences in creating and maintaining entrepreneurial jobs through a “support for self employment” strategy.

Mr Patrick Schneider

During the day, three organisations working with disadvantaged, discouraged and disconnected groups presented their visions for a socially inclusive EU. The European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) inspired the network members to continue their efforts concerning entrepreneurship programmes for disabled people and to consider the strengths of this group on the job market. Ms. Sabrina Ferraina encouraged us all to help break the societal barriers in order to create an inclusive entrepreneurial environment for the disabled.

The European Women Network was represented by founding member of the Eurochambers Women Network Dr. Mary Papaschinopoulou who gave an incredibly inspiring speech on the work that has to be done in order to ensure equal access to entrepreneurship. There is a long way to go in supporting women entrepreneurs in the EU member states, but by providing information, creating networks and support training and mentoring of young women we can change this.

Ms. Ines Bultó from the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JADE) showed us all that discussion, practical experience and teaching others are the most effective ways of learning entrepreneurial skills for young people, which is why JADE helps create more entrepreneurs among young people.

Dr Papaschinopoulou, Ms Sabrina Ferraina & Ms Ines Bulto

The afternoon consisted of workshops engaging the network members in inspirational activities. Among the members, hope, failing and trying again, challenges, trust and passion was discussed as extraordinarily inspirational ideas and measures. But how can we use these things to inspire other people? By exceeding our own expectation and setting the barrier high we can change the entrepreneurial mindset to the better. Sharing our knowledge, skills, and tools and leading by example will motivate and energize people in the further effort to become entrepreneurs and inspire others.

Stephen Cunnell from Stephen Cunnell Consulting said "This is a very well run initiative, with a sound process methodology, that provides an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas. It's other key strength is the fun, relaxed atmosphere which builds empathy among the delegates and enables creative thinking to flourish."

On the 10th of May, ENSPIRE EU will host a policy seminar in Halland and we are inviting all stakeholders and politicians to join the debate on how we can improve the entrepreneurial mindsets in EU. Find more information and sign up on www.enspire.eu. See the full presentations from the seminar and find inspiration by joining the ENSPIRE EU LinkedIn group and follow us on Twitter.