Best ENSPIRE EU entrepreneurial initiatives announced

On September 7th 2011, the Enspire EU partners met in Brussels to participate in a workshop to choose the "best" entrepreneurial initiatives from their research.

During 2010 and 2011, 12 partners of the Enspire EU identified programmes in their regions that inspire people to become entrepreneurs; and of these a final list of 53 good practices was completed. The purpose of the meeting in Brussels was to narrow the list even further and choose the 11 best practices amongst these.

 In order to establish the best practices, the project has used different means for the selection, these were; a methodology developed by the French partner Advancia for establishing the transferability of the initiatives, comments and inputs from an advisory board assembled to help choose the best practices via their expertise on entrepreneurial programmes, providing their expertise on entrepreneurial mindset, and last but not least, a workshop where the partners discussed the 53 initiatives. This discussion took place in four groups, each group focusing on a segment of the initiatives, which allowed them to go into details during the discussion.

Group discussion on choosing the best initiatives - Brussels Sept 11

 Project manager Mr Allan Nordby Ottensen said “I think we have created a great way for choosing the best practise initiatives, as via Advancia’s methodology, the Advisory Board and the groups discussion, we have so many different inputs, that will shed light upon different aspects of the initiatives, allowing us to select the best practices based on a number of criteria”.

 This leads to 15 best practices being chosen instead of 11, a list that has a wide variety of different types of programmes, addressing both the disconnected, disadvantaged and the discouraged communities in society.