24hr Entrepreneur event in Paris runs sister event in Zlin, Czech

During the twinning visits organized within the Enspire EU project, the Czech partner visited Novancia Business School - French partner - and identified the 24hEntrepreneurial Marathon as an awareness initiative which could be adapted for transfer to the Zlin Region. This initiative, implemented to enhance and deepen the entrepreneurial mindset and to learn about business development, was originally not part of the best practices chosen during the Enspire EU programme. However, the Czech partner identified it as a transferable initiative, suitable for small scale testing.

What is the 24H Entrepreneurial Marathon about?
24H Entrepreneurial Marathon is a 2-day long activity designed for students who are envisaging a career as a future entrepreneur. It has a specially designed program in which the participants learn and practice entrepreneurial soft and hard skills. The Program leader divides the participants into teams (made up of between 4 to 6 members) and after an organized speed dating session and an overview of the program, the 24H marathon starts with the goal of detecting a new original business idea and of choosing the right entrepreneurial approach to make it work. During the 24hours, team participants have to learn to cooperate, brainstorm, discuss, argument, deal with stress and the different personalities of the team colleagues as well as to learn hard business skills such as marketing, market analysis, business financial plan etc. After 24hours non-stop work, the teams present their project in front of the jury which awards a prize for the best project.
The goal was to give a space to young people to train the

ir skills and to learn lessons about them, to design an intensive complex program for them which necessarily makes them think in an entrepreneurial way. It gives them the opportunity to learn from the experts and different coaches within one project and also gives them the opportunity to show their skills, ideas and work in front of the jury composed of professionals who are entrepreneurs themselves.

Important features to make transfer possible:
- The length and depth of the programme/initiative :
o 34 hours (24H marathon + 4 hours pre-activity with participants + 6 hours presentation/evaluation)
o The programme is realized non-stop over 2 days and one night
o About 5 months preparation

- Innovation / inspiration:
o The pedagogical approach is learning by doing
o Team-work for collective production and outcomes
o Putting together young people with professionals and entrepreneurs

- Costs
o Reasonable costs 
o Financeable as a pilot activity within the ENSPIRE EU

- Target group
o Young people (linked to 3Ds)
o Originally, the French initiative is mostly for the Univesity students
o Possibility to widen the target group to ENSPIRE EU 3Ds
o Within the small scale testing in the Zlin Region, the initiative was open to drop outs, women after maternity leave who are trying to become entrepreneurs, young people seeking business opportunities as well as the students (University and Secondary Schools)

- Flexible organization:
o Questions of public or private body as an operator
o In France, NOVANCIA – business school of the Paris Chamber of Commerce -  is an operator
o In the Czech case, the Zlin Regional Authority is an operator
o Implementation of chosen initiative can be done by private as well as public body
o No special jurisdictional requirements are needed

- Staff
o Determined project team
o Experts and highly skilled coaches are needed to ensure the activities
o NOVANCIA provided the requirements and needed profiles
o Experts and coaches are findable also in the Czech Republic

The Czech and French partners organized and implemented the small scale testing of the French initiative “24H Entrepreneurial Marathon” in the Zlin Region, Czech Republic as one of the outputs of the ENSPIRE EU project.
Fact and Figures of small scale testing of initiative 24H Entrepreneurial Marathon in the Zlin Region
Date:     November 9 - 10, 2012
Place:     Holešov, Zlin Region, Czech Republic
Number of participants: 25 participants (3Ds – young people, students, drop outs, women after maternity leave)
Number of coaches involved: 6
Number of experts involved: 3
Project team: 3 Czech, 2 French
Number of jury: 10 (experts, entrepreneurs, specialists for start-ups)

25 participants has a possibility to get familiar with all the aspects of entrepreneurship, under the supervision of experts, coaches and entrepreneurs themselves. They work out in 5 teams 5 interesting business plans. All together 60 persons from different fields witnessed the results of the small scale test.
Local partners, such as Thomas Bata University and Thomas Bata Foundation immediately offered the support for organizing the 24H Entrepreneurial Marathon next year again. On the entrepreneurs in the jury offered the financial support the event next year. As a added value of the pilot activity, two students were offered to start to collaborate with the entrepreneurs from the jury a team of coaches.